Prof. Milan Zelený
Fordham University, New York
He acts as a global professor of management systems and promoter of the Baťa management system. An expert on multi-criteria decision-making, knowledge management strategy, labour productivity and control systems. Consultant to institutions, corporations and governments abroad (the US, Japan, Belgium, New Zealand, Poland, Soviet Union, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, etc.). His scientific work focuses on optimization and optimal systems, with applications in production processes. He subscribes to the idea of liberal capitalism (not free) market, nonpartisan and non-ideological approach to economy. He has been taking the first place of the most quoted Czech economists for a long time.
Vladimír Vaňo
Director of the Central European Competence Centre for Analysis of Macroeconomics and Financial Markets, Sberbank Europe AG

Vladimír Vaňo graduated at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and the Carlson School of Management. He gained his foreign professional experience during internships at the economic think-tank in Washington, D.C. and at the global headquarters of Merrill Lynch in New York City in 2001. After returning from New York he became Head of Research at the Treasury division of Slovenska sporiteľna (Slovak Savings Bank). Since 2002 he is a regular columnist on financial markets in the weekly TREND. In 2011 and 2012 he worked as an external consultant for monetary affairs to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic. UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) included him on its list of proven experts in public finance. In 2007 he accepted an offer to become the principal analyst of Volksbank Slovakia, which since 2012 is a member of Sberbank Group. He is a member of a Committee for Macroeconomic forecasting at the Ministry of Finance of SR, a Board member of the Pontis Foundation and member of the International Alumni Board at WU Executive Academy in Vienna. In July 2013 the Board of Sberbank Europe AG appointed him as head of the Central European Competence Centre for Analysis of macroeconomics and Financial Markets.

JUDr. Jaroslav Ružička, PhD.
Ružička Csekes

He has been engaged in legal counsel personally and actively since 1992. He leads one of the largest teams of lawyers in Slovakia, which has been repeatedly awarded by clients as the Law Firm of the Year. Delivering external services to the largest companies in Slovakia, as well as the long-term operation on the market allows him to see things in perspective and to apply solutions with value added and with economic effect.

He is the Managing Partner in the Law Firm Ružička Csekes, which was the first one in Slovakia to create its own team of senior lawyers for Compliance as a progressive sector. With his strategic insight, high professionalism and many years of experience he is making a contribution to a fundamental transformation of legal services in the future, where in line with the strategy of delivering not only excellent legal solutions, but also value added for the client and his business, he brings many innovations and solutions beyond the conventional legal services. A new trend is not to substitute delivery of legal product, but to be an equal partner to the client, who is capable of apprehending business connections in a broader context. Long-term representation of large corporate clients is a proof of this.

JUDr. Ivan Moroz
Partner Screening Solutions Slovakia

Ivan is a Partner in the company and is responsible for development of activities in Central and Eastern European markets. At present, he is mainly engaged in development and management of activities of the subsidiary in Slovakia.

He focuses on projects of transnational nature in the investigation of large scale corruption cases, employee and organized crime. He also specializes in providing services for foreign corporations, which have become the target of attacks by organized groups.

After retiring from diplomatic service, where he was a delegate during disarmament talks at the United Nations in Geneva, he became one of the first founders of the Department for Combating Organized Crime in Czechoslovakia and then in the Czech Republic. There he was responsible for cooperation with specialized services of the member states of Interpol. Then he worked as leading specialist on AML and risk management in the banking sector. For several years he has been working as global director of Compliance and internal audit for the world´s leading manufacturer of ceramics. He is a co-founder and partner of a Swiss consultancy firm specialized in management consulting and risk management. From this position, in the last fifteen years, he managed major “green field” projects for multinational companies entering the Central and Eastern European markets. In these firms he also held executive positions.

Ing. László Ivan
CEO - Arriva Slovakia (Member of Deutsche Bahn)
Chief Executive Officer of ARRIVA in Slovakia (member of Deutsche Bahn group). Applying foreign Compliance programmes and their implementation to the local environment is a challenge for every manager. From his position László manages strategy for five transport companies, two service companies, a travel agenc; he is responsible for 2,400 employees, and all this in 4 regions of Slovakia. Compliance challenges in the transport sector in general, as well as pitfalls of implementing the requirements of Compliance from the shareholder environment has been addressed for more than 4 years. He is a regular speaker and invited guest at expert conferences and by his approach he is an inspiration to others.
JUDr. Oszkár Világi
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SLOVNAFT, a.s.
Executive Vice-President of MOL Group in 1992, he founded the law firm Csekes, Világi, Drgonec & Partners. In the period 1990 to 1992 he was an MP of the Czechoslovak Parliament, and from 1996 he held several positions in management and control bodies of major Slovak companies – Poľnobanka, Slovenska poisťovna (Slovak Insurance Company), ŽSR, CHZP Apollo. He was legal counsel to foreign investors in major restructuring projects of the Slovak industry (U.S. Steel, France Telecom, OTP, MOL Group). From 2006 he is a CEO of SLOVNAFT, a.s., and from 2009 he is also the Chairman of the Board of SLOVNAFT, a.s. In April 2010 he became the member of the Executive Board of MOL Group and from 2016 he is an Executive Vice-President of MOL Group. From 2011 he is also a member on the Supervisory Board of INA d.d. He is a chairman of the Slovak-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry established in 2012.
JUDr. Ing. Ľuboslav Parihuzič
Tatra banka
In 2004 - 2009 he worked at OTP banka slovakia a.s. in the field of money laundering. Since 2010 he has worked at Tatra banka a.s. as well as in the compliance agenda. From 2015 he heads the Department for Prevention of Retail Fraud, Financial Sanctions, FATCA and Commen reporting standards.
Ing. Vladimír Slezák
General Manager Siemens s.r.o.
(1963) - studied at the Slovak Technical University (today Slovak Technical University) focus on machinery for the chemical and food industry. In the 1980s he worked with TECHNOPOL, a.s., and WAVO Trans, s.r.o. At CSK - IMS, s.r.o., he held the position of Head of Commercial and Technical Department until 1994. For the next five years, he was Head of the Technical and Business Department, later Schenck Slovakia's procurator, s.r.o. From ABB Elektro, s.r.o., where he worked as a business manager, he went to Siemens s.r.o. in 1999. He first held the position of an acquirer, later headed the Division of Automation and Drives. In 2002 he became Technical Director and Managing Director of the company. Since December 2008, he is CEO and representative of Siemens AG in Slovakia. At present, he is a Vice-Chairman of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member of the Board of Directors of the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member of the Scientific Board and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of STU Bratislava, University of Žilina, Žilina, member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Košice.
JUDr. Juraj Szabó, PhD.
Head of Compliance Department in ČEZ

Head of Compliance Department in ČEZ, member of the Executive Board of the Czech Compliance Association, registered in the list of arbitrators of the arbitration tribunal at the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural Chamber. As Director of Legal Division of ČEZ a.s. he was at the birth of the strategy and design of a comprehensive Compliance Program for ČEZ Group. He also worked for GE Money Bank, Komerčna banka a.s., Raiffeisen Bank in the Czech Republic. He is an active representative of a new wave of Compliance in the CEE.

JUDr. Katarína Novotná
Director of the Legal Division Wüstenrot poisťovňa, a.s. and Wüstenrot stavebná sporiteľňa, a.s.

She manages legal services in both companies of Wüstenrot Group in Slovakia in the field of insurance and saving plans for housing, so that the Legal Division contributes to the greatest possible degree to excellent economic results, which the companies achieve long-term. Her competencies, besides legal services, include also compliance issues.

JUDr. Petr Barák
Chairman of the Committee for Banking and Financial Security ČBA, Head of Operational Risk Management and AML in Air Bank a.s.

Predseda Komisie pro bankovú a finančnú bezpečnosť ČBA, Vedúci oddelenia riadenia operatívnych rizík a AML v spoločnosti Air Bank a.s.

He is responsible for the prevention and investigation of fraud, preventing the laundering of proceeds of crime and combating of international terrorism, respect for the rules of international trade controls and for physical security. He has lead projects aimed at preventing and detecting suspicious behaviour of clients and employees.

Since 2004 he has been holding the position of a Chairman of the Committee for Banking and Financial Security of the Czech Banking Association, where he is involved in the formation and update of banking standards, aimed at the area of banking security and he also represents the Czech Banking Association at the meetings of the European Banking Federation relating to security issues and issues of laundering of proceeds of crime.

Ing. Veronika Sedlářová
Director of Compliance Division Siemens

She has been working for Siemens since 2005, for the last 4 years on the position of Director of Compliance Division. In her position she is responsible for developing the corporate principles of ethical business for Siemens Group in the Czech Republic, both inside the company, and in relation to business partners and customers. Previously she worked in Siemens as a financial auditor with a focus on finance and Compliance, where she came from PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she held a similar position. She has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of Compliance, audit and finance.

JUDr. Naďa Roštek Spustová, LL.M.
Director of Legal Services Slovnaft

She works as Director of Legal Services Division in SLOVNAFT, a.s. Previously, for nearly 10 years she worked as a lawyer focusing on the area of competition law and regulated sectors. In the past she held managerial positions in the Slovak Gas Industry a.s. and at the Anti-Monopoly Office of SR, where she worked as director of legal department. She was studying law at the Comenius University in Bratislava. In 2009 she gained the LL.M. degree at the American University - Washington College of Law, where she studied thanks to a prestigious scholarship from Fulbright Commission and the US Government. During her studies in the US she focused on comparative study of antitrust law in the US and in the EU, and also spent several months on internship at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

JUDr. Lucie Schweizer
Ružička Csekes

Lawyer with more than 15 years of experience specializes in corporate criminal law, crime prevention of legal entities, strategic planning, design and risk management and strategic and sensitive decision-making and procedures. At Ružička Csekes she co-formed a team of specialists in corporate criminal law, currently a unique team in the Slovak environment. In the past she worked at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at the Faculty of Law at Trnava University and she is a regular contributor of articles on the topic of criminal liability of legal persons. She believes that advocacy in business environment should not provide “only” the delivery of legal service (e.g. a contract), but also a real value added in the form of a different view and experience from the market from other sectors, thus contributing to identification of several options and greater variability of solutions.

Petr Moroz
Managing partner, Screening Solutions
Petr is the Managing Partner of the company, and in addition to strategic development and international expansion he deals with projects in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance and services of personal risk management and their penetration to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. His clients in these areas include especially prominent investment groups, financial and banking institutions, IT companies and telecom operators. Prior to founding the company he was a manager of the department of fraud investigation and dispute resolution at E&Y and GE Money in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, and was also member of response team of specialized investigators, within which he took part in numerous investigations of international financial fraud. He gained further experience also during his work for the US hotel chain Marriott in the area of security management.
Mgr. Sylvia Szabó
Ružička Csekes

Advokátka s viac ako 19 rokmi praxe špecializujúca sa na korporátne trestné právo, protikorupčné programy, programy prevencie protispoločenskej činnosti a preventívne opatrenia.

Lawyer with more than 19 years of experience specializing in corporate criminal law, anti-corruption programs, prevention programs for anti-social activity and preventive actions.

At Ružička Csekes she has been involved in the creation of a team of specialists in corporate criminal law, which is currently a unique team in the Slovak environment. She makes regular contributions on the topic of criminal liability of legal persons. She advises clients on compliance; she provides trainings to clients´ staff, prepares and implements various internal rules in order to protect the employer and adherence to its duties. She believes that by suitable adaptation of existing internal and external measures the businesses will be able to prepare and ensure effective protection of its top managers and thus the company itself. The riches of practice and experience she gained during consultancy to companies from different sectors of economy allow her to apply the best sense of where to start with the protection and how to set it properly.

Tomáš Zaťko
Chief Executive Officer Citadelo

Tomas found his hacker talent back in childhood. He wrote his first program as eight years old. Hobbies in his early youth included reverse-engineering proprietary binary data structures in his favorite games. This self-teaching led him to love the technologies and deeply understand them. In his adult life, he promoted his hobby to business. Tomas has more than ten years of professional experience in IT security. He is helping companies ranging from major financial institutions to industry segment. Securing your business is Tomas's passion. He is the hacker fighting on your side.

Prof. PhDr. Anna Remišová, PhD.
Faculty of Management of Comenius University

Professor Anna Remišová was at the birth of the business ethics in Slovakia in the 90´s of the last century, and a pioneer in teaching business ethics at the schools of economics and management universities. She made a great contribution to development of business ethics also in practice – she participated in the creation of many corporate codes of ethics, she was a member on several Ethics Boards and led the first ethical advisory service in Slovakia in Slovnaft, a. s. She lectured on her theoretical knowledge and practical results at the Universities in Germany, Switzerland and in Russia. She is also an author of many books and scientific publications published in home country and abroad; she belongs to the most cited Slovak authors in the field of business ethics. Her most important books include "Ethics and Economics" (2000, 2004, 2011) and "Current trends in business ethics, “From theory to practice" (2015) and as a co-author "Ethical leadership of people in the Slovak business environment" (2015).

Doc JUDr. Tomáš Strémy, PhD.
Department of Criminal Law, Criminology a Criminalistics at PF UK

He is a member of the Scientific Council at the Law Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava and at the Academy of the Police Corps in Bratislava. He was a member of the Commission for substantive criminal law, ad hoc committee on matters of prison service and member of the working group on the law on criminal liability of legal persons at the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. He is a APVV project leader entitled “Restorative justice in the Slovak Republic“, as research partner in several grant projects, author or co-author of several monographs, textbooks, tens of expert articles and actively participates in scientific events at home and abroad.

Ing. Tomáš Antonič
Screening Solutions

Tomáš is the Managing Partner in the company, holding the position of a technical director. Prior to establishment of the company he has been gathering 10 years of experience in the biggest international tobacco concern.

He is a specialist in designing architecture and management of network infrastructure and server systems on the Windows platform. He has more than 20 years of experience in administration and IT security.

In the company structure he is responsible for analyses, design and implementation of IT security solutions at clients, including external and internal IT security of the company.

He uses ethical hacking in his day-to-day work for the benefit of clients according to the motto “To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker”.

Ing. Radek Beneš
Authorized expert, Municipal Court Prague
Authorized expert in CR in the fields of cybernetics, economics and criminology, member of the sentencing council 47T at the Municipal Court in Prague, specializing in criminal proceedings with the elements of ITC (digital evidence). Specialization in the fields: security and data protection, computer crime, software, IT products and services, certified specialist on personal data protection, internal auditor for ISMS according to ISO 27001.
plk. Ing. Martin Krčmárik
National Criminal Agency (NAKA)
Since 1993 he has been working for the services of financial police and criminal police. He served as Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, and Director of the National Unit of Financial Police. From 2014 he holds the position of a Deputy Director of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA). He is a representative of SR for the area of protection against money laundering within the AMON platform (Anti-Money Laundering Operational Network) and as national expert of SR for tax fraud with VAT within EMPACT (the European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats).
Dr. Armin Toifl

Dr. Armin Toifl works as a company advisor, auditor, trainer, university teacher and editor in the field of compliance management and contract management in international construction industry. Dr. Toifl has been offering his international experience for more than 31 years. He worked as General Counsel, Legal & Compliance for Siemens, Central and Eastern Europe, Head of Legal of VAI Metals Technologies and prior to that as legal manager in VOEST-ALPINE.

JUDr. Zuzana Šabová
Antimonopoly Office of the SR

She works at the Antimonopoly Office as the Director of the Second Level Department, which ensures the conduct of appeals before the Office. In addition, she participates in the Office's foreign agenda, particularly in the context of European affairs. In the academic sphere, she is a PhD student. Studied at the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Bratislava, where she also works as a lecturer in competition law. She regularly publishes professional articles on economic competition law and politics and speaks at both Slovak and international conferences.

JUDr. Libor Duľa
Supreme court
Born 1966, after graduating from the Faculty of Law in Košice, 1988, he has been continuously active in the judiciary, as a judicial candidate as a judge of the Košice I District Court and the Regional Court in Košice. From 2008 to 2009 he received an internship at the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, where he was also entrusted with the management of the Legislation Section. From 2009 he is a judge at the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, 2010 as the permanent judge of that court, then the chairman of the Senate. For the entire period of office of a judge, he deals with the criminal law agenda, 2015 was elected Chief of the Criminal Law College of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic. He is an external member of the Pedagogical College of the Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic and has traditionally been working in specialized legislative committees.
plk. JUDr. Petr Sloboda
1. Deputy Director of the Criminal Office of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic
1st Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigative Office of the Slovak Financial Administration for the Special Activities and Investigation Division, also worked as Deputy Head of the Department - Department for Combating Terrorism and Illegal Migration in the Slovak Information Service and as an Investigator of the Police Force of the Slovak Republic. Col. Mgr. Sloboda has a special intelligence service for the British intelligence service MI6 (UK) and the Slovak Intelligence Service.
Tomáš Rulíšek
Vice-president SIS
Ján Pálenčár
President of the Slovak National Association of Realtors, 1st Vice President of the Slovak Trade Union, Member of the Supervisory Board of Slovak Business Agency (SBA), Representative of the Real Estate Health Index Project, External Lecturer at Paneuropean University, Regular Media Contributor (Reality.sk, TA3, HN, Trend , ...) and a former professional football player who has been working on the real estate market since 1996. In real estate, he has gradually gained experience as a real estate broker, team leader, director and manager of the real estate office. Since 1999 he has been the owner of Urban & Partner. In 2006, he expanded his business to develop. Among the most famous projects he has participated in are Duo House, Median House, Aston Villa, Monarch Avenue, Jarabina and others.